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Exporter of Anti Cancer from India

Cancer is a disease that involves an abnormal growth of cells. There are about 100 types of cancer that includes skin, breast, colon, lung, prostrate, blood, cervix, brain and many other parts of the body.

It harms the body by multiplying damaged cells, forming lumps of tissues known as tumor. These tumors start interfering with circulatory, nervous and digestive systems. They can also release hormones that have the potential of disrupting the normal functioning of the body. However, Leukemia or blood cancer differs in the sense that it forms no tumors but inhibits normal functioning of the blood by uncontrollable cell division in its stream.

The chief cause of this disease is believed to be one’s genes and its symptoms depend on the type of cancer one has.

Traditionally, the ailment is treated with the help of a number of processes that include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, gene therapy, hormone therapy etc. And we, at S G Biopharm, an anti cancer exporter, offer all sorts of medicines that are needed to carry out these treatments such as Erlotinib, Imatinib, Capecitabine, Gefitinib and several oral anti-cancer tablets.

Today, the disease can also be treated with oral medicines. This treatment is called Oral Chemotherapy. Apart from being a less painful process, it involves other benefits like less frequent visits to doctor, fewer leaves from work and, finally, less interference with personal life and schedule.

When a patient is treated with chemotherapy, his or her treatment is strictly supervised by a team of doctors and nurses. But, in case of oral medication which is mainly done at home, the patient and his or her caretakers need to be extra careful regarding the timing and dosage of pills.

We are an anti cancer exporter and you can trust our medicines completely. All our drugs are qualitative therapeutics which are sold at reasonable prices. We maintain national as well as international standards of quality of EU-GMP or UK-MHRA, WHO-GMP and many others.

We produce anti-cancer tablets, capsules, injections etc. and cater to over 50 countries and 5 continents. Hence, you can be sure of our quality and trustworthiness.

Our chief aim in making anti-cancer drugs is to offer the best possible relief to sufferers throughout the world with the help of our best quality medicines that are available at affordable rates.

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