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Effervescent Manufacturer from India

We, at S.G. Biopharma, manufacture effervescent tablets in huge quantities in order to cater to our international as well as domestic markets. Being a premier effervescent manufacturer from India, we follow strict procuring and manufacturing guidelines. We insist on producing quality products as majority of our output is exported and have to face international competition.

Effervescent tablets and powders are easily dispersible and produce a uniform solution which is then administered as medicine. Unlike capsules or tablets, which at times could be difficult to swallow for certain patients, dispersible kind is the best option. This type is particularly beneficial for patients suffering from nausea and vomiting. Tablets and capsules could be thrown up whereas effervescent varieties get absorbed easily and have lesser chances of being vomited. As reaction time of this variety of medicine formulation is faster than tablets or capsules, they are preferred by doctors.

Dispersible formulations though easy to administer should never be taken without doctor’s recommendation. These are prescription drugs and need to be taken according to dosage advised by a medical practitioner. Under no circumstance you should deviate from prescribed dosage as it might lead to unwarranted side effects. Like other medications these effervescent medicines are used for treatment of fevers, body aches, headaches, muscle pains, digestive disorders, and infections. Dosage of medicine depends on body mass of the concerned patient, and seriousness of the disease. For best results of our formulation, you are advised to follow prescriptions.

Manufacturing of effervescent medication is carried out under strictest conditions of hygiene and sanitization. From procurement of raw materials to packaging of medicines, each process is completed under watchful eyes of experts. Production line of our factory is completely sanitized so that no contamination takes place during the entire manufacturing process. We test ingredients as per international standardization norms. Thereafter, we examine our effervescent formulation at every level of production so that the final output is totally safe for patients.

Every batch of medicine is put under a number, with dates of manufacturing and expiry clearly mentioned on packing. Dispersible powders are packed in bottles or sachets, while tablets are packed in strips. Contaminated or damaged medicines are replaced immediately. Being a leading effervescent manufacturer from India, we never compromise on the quality of formulations sold to patients. We believe in maintaining stringent manufacturing standards for our products since they are pharmaceutical items and are directly related to the well-being of ill patients.

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