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Effervescent Exporter from India

Effervescent tablets and powders are a form of medication that is convenient to administer. Many popular antacids, analgesics, tranquilizers, and diuretics are prepared by S. G. Biopharm for domestic and international markets. We are a premier effervescent exporter from India catering to other Asian, African, European, and South American countries.

These medicines break down easily in contact with water and form a uniform solution. Many of these formulations make the watery solution fizzy or frothy. The significance of this kind of medication lies in its easy absorption and faster reaction. Compared to normal formations such as tablets or capsules which are to be swallowed, these dispersible medications could be gulped down. This becomes particularly beneficial in case a patient has difficulty in swallowing. For patients suffering from nausea, vomiting is common and capsules or tablets could be thrown out. Such eventualities are reduced with dispersible medicines as absorption is faster.

The use of these medicines is subject to doctor’s prescription. We never advocate medicinal formulations to be administered without a registered practitioner’s advice. Such practices are risky and entail uninvited complications. Medicines need to be taken as per advice and deviations are forbidden. Administration of drugs without doctor’s recommendation might lead to adverse side-effects which are never desirable. Dosage of any drug depends on the age of patient and severity of disease and must not be generalized.

Like all other medicines, our effervescent varieties are manufactured under strict supervision. We maintain highest levels of hygiene conforming to international standards inside our production unit. Our entire manufacturing procedure from procurement of raw materials to packing is done under the watchful eyes of experts. Our entire production facility is sanitized and pollutant free. Team members engaged in manufacturing of these effervescent medications are attired in sanitized uniform covered from head to foot. As contamination could be deadly for drugs and medicines, strictest levels of hygiene are maintained.

Packaging and labeling is done meticulously as these medicines are easily dispersible in water. Batch number, manufacturing and expiry dates are clearly mentioned so that in case of any complaints, the entire batch of medicines is replaced. As we have a sizeable overseas market in all corners of the globe, we have to maintain a very strict code of conduct in production and distribution. As effervescent exporter from India, we are extremely particular about the quality of merchandise shipped to international markets.

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