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Anticancer Medicines Exporter from India

Today cancer has emerged as the most dreadful disease in our world. It was almost incurable, until the invent of new medication and chemotherapy's in the last decade.

In India every year million new cases of cancer are found. Nearly three million patients are suffering from cancer and the disease is tightening it's grip in India. By 2025 the death toll due to cancer is expected to raise 5 times as of today's toll. The Lungs and oral cancer are quite common in men while the breast and cervical cancer are commonly found in woman. The cancer cases has risen from 10,86,783 in 2013 to 11,17,269 in 2014 which is really alarming.

Ignorance , lack of medical facilities and delay in diagnosis has made it really sprouting and killer disease . Cancer's are basically tumors being malignant in nature with fast growing potential. They are diseased grouped cell which grows, invade and spread to the entire human body. Also not all tumors are cancer including the benign tumors. Cancer sign and symptom involves growth of lump , sudden weight loss, bowling disorders, bleeding and long continuous coughing. There are altogether 100 types of cancer.

The other causes being improper diet, tobacco, alcohol and obesity. The Other causes being chemical exposures, infection, radiation, heredity and hormones. If diagnosed in earlier stage it can be totally cured and the patient can live a happy life. There are methods such as chemotherapy, radiations, surgery, palliative care, immunotherapy and medications. Oral medications are gaining popularity than other methods due to its ease of use and effectiveness. We at S.G.Biopharm export anti cancer medication. We export qualitative therapeutic drugs with international standards such as EU-GMP or UK-MHRA and WHO-GMP. We produce anti cancer tablets, capsules, and injections. We are available at 50 countries and 5 continents. We aim at customer quality services and trustworthiness. We are proud anti cancer medicine exporter from India.

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