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External medications are required for the treatment of wounds, burns, scalds, rash, itches and infections. These are also used for relief of muscle and joint pains. S.G. Biopharm manufactures these medications for domestic and international markets. As a renowned externals exporter India company we offer topical medicines for treating all kinds of localized infections and blemishes.

Treatment for wounds and injuries – External medications such as ointments, creams, liquids and gels are extensively used for treating injuries and wounds. These are kept in every home, office and institute. These are essential items of a first aid kit and invariably carried by sportsmen and athletes. For treating injuries or wounds, it is essential to wash the affected area repeatedly till all dirt is removed. Clean water, preferably with a few drops of antiseptic, must be used for this purpose. After cleaning, these medications should be applied immediately. Proper dressing with gauze and adhesive tape protects the wound and helps healing faster. If injury is deep, dressings need to be changed regularly.

Medications for burns and scalds – Burns and scalds from boiling water or liquids and flames are commonplace and require immediate medical attention. Our medicinal products for treating scalds and burns are available in the form of ointments, creams or powders. Dressing should be done delicately such that the affected area is not harmed further.

Treatment for infections and allergies – Infections of skin are common in tropical countries. These countries are mostly located in Asia, Africa and South America. Infections could arise from severe climatic conditions of heat and humidity. Rashes, itches, fungal infections and allergies are normal dermatological disorders observed among patients. Liquids, creams, powders and pastes are prescribed for these skin disorders. We offer these formulations after conducting thorough testing.

Medications for muscle and joint pains – External formulations for muscle and joint pains manufactured and exported by us are used extensively. These medications available in the form of gel and ointments are kept in homes, sports clubs and kits of sportspersons. Certain muscle relaxants are manufactured in the form of sprays also.

We, at S.G. Biopharm, produce these formulations with different active drugs. Quality standards maintained by us are of the highest order as we cater to a sizeable overseas market spread over Asia, Europe, South America and Africa. Each formulation is meticulously examined before being deemed fit for packing and shipment. Packing is done in different weights to suit specific need of patients. As externals exporter India of the highest category, we abide by international packaging and delivery norms.

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