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Lyophilized Products Manufacturer in India

Lyophihlization is a process that involves dehydrating pharmaceuticals for the purpose of increasing their shelf life. Being a niche field, there are very less number of lyophilized products that are manufactured in India.

The stabilization of several types of chemical components primarily used in IVDs are done through the process of lyophilization. Many such chemical and biochemical reagents are unstable, chemically and biologically active and reactive with one another, temperature sensitive, etc. when in the form of liquid. Due to these reasons, the chemicals are liable to perish within a short span of time, thereby requiring refrigeration. The process of lyophilization helps by suspending the activities of the reagents.

Lyophilization freezes the materials, reduces the surrounding pressure and adds enough heat so that the frozen water in the material sublimes directly from the phase of being solid to that of gas.

We, at S G Biopharm, a lyophilized products manufacturer in India, use such products to make pharmaceuticals more durable. Some of these include Ganciclovir, Vancomycin, Teicoplanin and Clarithromycin lyophilized injections. It becomes easy for the material to be stored once its water is removed and the material is sealed in a vial. The pharmaceuticals are then shipped and reconstructed to its former state for vaccines and injections.

Lyophilized products that are sealed prevent moisture from getting absorbed, allowing them to be stored without refrigeration. Under such a process, the pharmaceuticals continue to be in a proper state for several years. This preservation becomes possible only because of the reduced water content, which inhibits the activities of micro-organisms and enzymes that, otherwise, would have degraded and spoiled the substance.

We, as a lyophilized products manufacturer in India, use state-of-the-art, independent manufacturing technique to produce a wide range of formulations.

We have a skilled production and development team which has extensive experience in the field and, thus, are intimately familiar with the potentialities of lyophilizer and can work with you with efficiency and adeptness.

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