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WHO GMP Approved Manufacturer for injection in India

We have adopted GMP (good manufacturing practice) for manufacturing injection. GMP ensures that medicines produced by us are of a consistent quality and conform to standards that are appropriate for its proposed use. World Health Organization (WHO) has set up this procedure for drug manufacturers across the world. S.G. Biopharm, being a WHO GMP approved manufacturer for injection in India, follows strict guidelines of quality control.

The basic reason behind adopting GMP is reduction of inherent risks involved in the production of formulations including injections. These risks are related either to incorrect labeling or mix ups, also referred to as cross-contamination. Being a WHO GMP approved drug manufacturer, we are committed to supply injections that are totally safe on patients. For this, we have set up a production process that is completely sanitized and totally hygienic.

Our Production Process – We endeavor to maintain a contamination-free environment throughout our manufacturing process. Our processing operations are of the highest standards built on latest international standards. Cases of bacterial contamination and cross-contamination are reduced to ‘zero’ within this sanitized environment. A thoroughly disinfected surrounding is established which also includes uniforms of our employees. Employees are only allowed after donning sterile clothes and all body parts except eyes completely covered.

This stringent sanitized surrounding is maintained even in our packaging section which includes labeling. Care is taken to put proper labels on our injection packing. A wrong labeling could have serious consequences and is never warranted.

Quality Control – We follow quality guidelines conforming to global standards. Quality checks are carried out on raw materials procured, intermediary products and finished goods. To ensure that ingredients are of superlative quality, we procure them from genuine sources, preferably those with international standards certifications. As our injections go thorough different stages of production, quality checks are performed at every step. Intermediate products are also put through examinations.

We are particular about the standards of our final output. In the event a single packing is found defective, we take back the entire batch of products and make proper record of it.

Our Premises – Our works or manufacturing floor forms the basis of our quality output. Production, storage, quality control, weighing and ancillary areas constitute our premises. It is our effort to maintain this premise to superior levels of cleanliness. Though it is difficult to have an ambience that is completely contamination and pollution free, we try to achieve the impossible by implementing the best available methods of sanitization for our premise. This, we feel, is our prerogative as a WHO GMP approved injection manufacturer in India.

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