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Formulations Exporter India

S.G. Biopharm supplies quality medicinal products and formulations to nations across the globe. We, being a leading formulations exporter India, cater to the needs of millions of users. As formulations are a combination of an active drug with other products for preparing a medicinal item, extreme caution is taken in the entire process of its making. It is our prerogative to manufacture medicinal formulations that are stable, effective and affordable. All these factors become even more pertinent for formulations that are exported.

When medicines are prepared, several parameters, including physical, chemical and bio-chemical, are tested before being judged fit for international markets. We adhere to strict manufacturing standards for all our formulations as we have to cater to customers worldwide. We can never afford to offer sub-standard or inferior quality medicines as that would not only affect our market but damage our goodwill internationally.

Examination of color, appearance, specific gravity, stress, thawing and freezing temperatures, mass and shape fall under physical category. Chemical examinations include solubility, pH value and reaction with organic and inorganic substances. Bio-chemical examinations are conducted to verify a formulation’s reaction with other drugs and enzymes. Our examinations are conducted in three phases with the next phase more stringent than the earlier one. A medicinal product passing the third phase successfully is declared suitable for exports.

Our medicinal products are manufactured under three classes: injections, oral and topical. Injections are produced in forms of lyophilizes and liquids. Lyophilized implies removal of moisture content from a formulation completely such that it is converted to a cake or powder with a significantly longer shelf life. This is specifically beneficial for remote markets. Liquid injections are available in vials, ampoules, cartridges, pre-filled syringes and intravenous bags. Many of these liquid injections are packed in concentrated form and are required to be diluted before injecting.

Medicines produced under oral category are in ways of syrups, capsules, tablets, granules and powders. Capsules are made of edible gelatin which takes some time for dissolving. Tablets generally comprise 5 to 10 percent of active ingredient, up to 80 percent of binders, disintegrators, fillers, and lubricants, and about 10 percent of stabilizers. Topical drugs are produced in the form of ointments, paste, gel and powder. Ointment is an oil based compound mixed with water in the ratio of 4:1. Ointments are specifically made to prevent loss of moisture. Cream is made by using equal proportions of oil and water. Powder, oil and water are used in definite compositions for manufacturing paste.

Since S.G. Biopharm is a premier formulations exporter India, we always maintain highest levels of quality.

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