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Injectables Exporter India

For manufacturer of medicines, injectables are an integral output variety. We, at S.G. Biopharm, produce injections not only for Indian customers but also for exports. As injectables exporter India, we cater to a market spread across Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. Injections are high potent applications and are administered with caution. These are used when patients need medications in higher potency or when they are in a state of slumber and unable to perform normal functions of eating and drinking.

We pack injectables in ampoules, vials, cartridges, syringes and intravenous (IV) bags. Ampoules are of single dose while vials could of several doses. Cartridges and intravenous bags are used when any drug is required to be injected into a patient slowly over a long period. The difference between cartridges and intravenous bags is that the former is graduated while the latter is available in standard volumes. Pre-filled syringes are usually of a single dose and disposed after its application. Injections in ampoules, syringes, intravenous bags and cartridges are of liquid class. Vials could contain both liquid and lyophilized formulations.

Liquid – Liquid is the most common of injections sold and administered. This form is universally used in all types of containers. To make these injectables stable, active drugs are mixed with stabilizers, modifiers, viscosity reagents, buffers and bulking agents. Except for vial packing, the other packs are available with required concentration as prescribed by a physician. Vial packs are offered in differing concentrations and could be diluted as per prescription.

Lyophilized – Lyophilized injectables have longer life and are more stable under variable atmospheric conditions. This variety is especially manufactured for longer storage periods. In this process of manufacturing, water content of an injectable formulation is removed such that it is changed into a powder or solid state. During time of use, distilled water is used to this powder to form a liquid suitable for injecting. For protein medications, water is replaced by stabilizers for preservation of molecular structure.

It is more convenient for us to export injections in lyophilized state as they are less in mass and stable.

We process our injectable formulations under strict supervision and in a germ-free environment. Quality checks conforming to highest international standards are conducted so as to deliver authentic medication products to patients across the globe. As a leading injectables exporter India, it is our commitment to deliver the best products available in the market. This is achieved through sincere efforts of our accomplished pharmacists and dedicated staff.

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