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Oncology Exporter from India

S.G. Biopharm is a leading oncology exporter from India. Most of the oncology drugs are manufactured and exported in forms of injectables, ointments, capsules and tablets. These injectables are either available in the form of liquid or powder. Oncology drugs, as the name suggests, is specifically meant for the treatment of cancer.

Cancer is a disease resulting from uncontrolled growth of tissues forming a lump or tumor. These tumors when benign are neither cancerous nor life threatening. It is when they turn malignant that they become cancerous and threatening. Cancerous cells have an inherent tendency to spread to other body parts through lymphatic system. This secondary growth of cancerous tissues to other parts is termed as metastasis. Treatment for this disease involves restricting tissue multiplication through therapeutic, surgical, radiological and chemotherapy processes.

The nature of treatment depends on the areas affected, the spread of the disease, the cancer type, diagnosis stage and the overall health of the affected patient. Oncologic treatment could involve one or multiple therapies. Apart from radiation, the other therapies involve administration of drugs. Our cancer treatment medicines are used for chemotherapy, surgery, hormone therapy and immunotherapy. Some of the typical formulations used for the treatment of cancer include Erlotinib, Imatinib, Capecitabine, Gefitinib and several other oral anti-cancer tablets.

We, at S.G. Biopharm, manufacture these medicines in an environment of perfect hygiene and strict quality control. These manufactured medicines are not only sold in Indian markets but also exported. As our formulations are exported to international markets, we maintain stringent quality standards at the manufacturing level. Even packing and packaging of these medicines are done as per global standards.

In our effort to offer oncology drugs of the highest quality in world markets, we have set up operations in South East Asia, Middle-East, South America and Africa. Our presence is particularly strong in these areas. We have also stepped into Europe by setting up office in France. Underdeveloped economies are our focus as we feel cancer patients in these countries should receive the best cures. They should have access to the same medications as patients in developed or developing nations. As a responsible oncology exporter from India, we believe in providing good health to cancer patients even in remote areas.

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