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Oncology Manufacturer from India

We, at S.G. Biopharm, are committed to manufacturing products that are hygienic. As a premier oncology manufacturer from India, we are particular about maintaining the quality of our medicines so that they match international standards. We manufacture cancer treatment medicines at affordable prices so that it is available universally to all affected patients.

As a manufacturer of medicines dedicated to treating cancer, we cover the entire gamut of medication including tablets, capsules, injections and ointments. These drugs are used in chemotherapy, immunotherapy, surgery or hormone therapy. Like other formulations, our cancer drugs are prepared under strict hygienic conditions. We maintain cleanliness of highest standards comparable to international levels. Some of the formulations processed in our works include Erlotinib, Imatinib, Capecitabine, Gefitinib and several oral anti-cancer tablets.

Treatment options of this disease include single or multiple therapies from amongst surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy and immunotherapy. Except for radiation therapy, the other therapies are drug dependent and require superior quality formulations. Oncologic treatment varies from patient to patient, depending upon the exact location, extent of spread, stage of diagnosis and general health condition.

Cancer is a disease that involves unaccounted tissue growth forming lumps or tumors. Certain types of tumors are benign and non-cancerous, while others are malignant and life threatening. This type spreads from the primary source to other body organs through the lymphatic system. Oncology treatment involves arresting the growth of these unwanted cells and might involve one or several of these therapies. Patients suffering from cancer could have their blood, alimentary canal and hair root cells infected very fast.

Manufacture of oncologic formulations are done keeping in mind the exact form of therapy needed. The formulations and their strengths vary accordingly. Each drug is carefully examined and tested keeping in compliance with leading drug manufacturing standards. We, at S.G. Biopharm, never compromise on quality as we believe that caring for cancer patients is of superior importance and overshadows any other prerogatives. We procure ingredients from authentic sources so as to maintain highest quality standards of our products. Several tests are conducted so as to ensure genuineness of our drugs and formulations.

After manufacturing, we market these medicines through the normal process of marketing involving C&F (clearing and forwarding) agents, distributors, dealers and retailers. In addition to selling our drugs in Indian markets, we regularly export them to Middle-East, South East Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. As a leading oncology manufacturer from India, we are committed to preparing all formulations of cancer drugs.

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