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Pharmaceutical Formulations India

Pharmaceutical formulations involve mixing of different chemicals including any active drug to make a medicinal output. These medicinal products are manufactured in the form of tablets, capsules, ointments, syrups and injections. S.G. Biopharm being a premier pharmaceutical formulations India company is committed to produce and sell formulations that are effective and economical.

Great care is taken by our pharmacists and chemists to make these drugs stable and withstand variable climatic conditions as they are marketed to countries of Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. Any medicine prepared casually is liable to get damaged under variable atmospheric conditions through disintegration, moisture absorption and de-colorization. For any medicine, its physical, chemical and bio-chemical properties are studied carefully before being offered to patients.

Physical attributes include shape, mass, color, freezing and thawing temperatures, specific gravity and stress. Chemical properties indicate pH value, reaction with other chemicals, solubility and reaction to organic substances. Bio-chemical properties indicate allergic reaction to other chemicals or enzymes. Before a formulation is patented and sold, a series of tests and chemical trials are conducted for verifying their stability and suitability. Normally, three clinical trials are carried out before a medicine is adjudged fit for marketing.

Like other medicine manufacturers, our formulations are of three categories: oral, topical and injections. Oral medicines are produced in ways of tablets, syrups, granules, capsules and powders. A tablet ideally constitutes 5 to 10 percent of active ingredient, 10 percent stabilizers and the remainder (even as high as 80 percent) of lubricants, binders, fillers and disintegrators. Capsules are always made of gelatin which dissolves in a solvent at a very slow rate. Topical formulations are prepared in ways of ointments, creams, paste, powder and gel. Ointment is a combination of oil and water in the ratio 4:1 and prevents moisture loss. Cream, in contrast, is a substance with equal proportions of water and oil. Paste is a combination of water, powder and oil. Some topical preparations are inhaled.

Our injection formulations include liquids and lyophilizes. Liquid injections are stored in ampoules, vials, intravenous bags, prefilled syringes and cartridges. Many of these liquids are concentrated and need to be diluted before administration. Injections are often lyophilized, which is a process of water removal from the formulation such that it becomes cake or powder and storable for longer periods.

We take equal care in preparing our entire range of pharmaceutical formulations India. It is our commitment to patients to offer medicinal products that are stable and effective.

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