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Pharmaceutical Exporter India

We, at S.G. Biopharm, are particular about the quality of our manufactured drugs and formulations. In addition to selling our medicinal products in India, we have a consistent overseas market. As pharmaceutical exporter India, we are particular about the quality of our medicinal products. These medicinal products in ways of tablets, capsules, injections, syrups, ointments or powder always include an active drug. Caution is exercised by us at every level of processing our formulations as we need to meet international standards.

As an internationally acclaimed supplier of pharmaceutical goods, our medicines are stable, effective and economical. For attaining these qualities, we procure raw materials from trusted sources, carry out meticulous quality examinations and test them for their effectiveness. We need to carry out physical, chemical and bio-chemical tests not only for checking their suitability for patients but also for their international acceptability. While checking acceptability of our formulations, our products are passed through different tests.

Physical tests verify density, color, mass, shape, stress and thawing and freezing temperature of a particular medicinal produce. Chemical tests check a product’s solubility, pH value, reaction to other inorganic and organic substances. We also put our formulations through bio-chemical tests. Tests for allergies, interaction with other drugs, and reaction to enzymes are some such investigations. These examinations are carried out for all our items as they must always conform to certain pre-fixed criteria. Care is taken for making all items of particular product type exactly identical in appearance and effectiveness. To maintain highest levels of quality, we conduct our tests in three phases. After the third or last phase of testing, our pharmaceutical products meant for exports conform to highest levels of stability in terms of climatic and environmental conditions. Our formulations for overseas markets are categorized under three heads: oral, topical and injection.

Oral formulations include capsules, tablets, powder, granules, and syrups. Capsules are edible gelatin protected which dissolves over extended period. A tablet is a mixture of an active drug, disintegrators, fillers, lubricants and binders. Surprisingly, active drug only accounts for 5 to 10 percent of the total mass of the medicinal product. Topical preparations could be in forms of gel, cream, ointment, powder and paste. Paste is actually a combination of water, powder and oil in definite proportions. Ointment is oil based medication and helps to retain moisture of your skin. Cream is a formulation containing almost equal proportions of water and oil. Gel is characterized by its liquefaction on skin contact.

As pharmaceutical exporter India, we are particular about our injections. These are made available in vials, ampoules, syringes, cartridges and intravenous bags. These are produced in liquid or lyophilized forms. Injection drugs when removed of their moisture content become lyophilized and are storable for longer periods.

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