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Oral syrups are medical formulations that could be prescribed for patients of all ages. S.G. Biopharm, as a comprehensive medicine supplier, is a specialist oral syrups manufacturer India. These are liquid preparations consisting of one or several active ingredients which stay dissolved in an appropriate medium. Syrups, though strictly indicate a clear solution, are generalized to include emulsions, suspensions, drops and even powders.

Oral emulsions – These are liquid formulations of one or multiple active ingredients. These are stabilized dispersions of oil-in-water kind containing dissolved solids. In emulsions, these solid substances are often suspended. Emulsions are identified by the appearance of multiple liquid layers that are not disturbed by gentle shaking. Vigorous shaking is necessary for emulsions to appear uniform. These are stored and sold in wide mouthed bottles. Change in color on prolonged storage is indicative of contamination. While labeling, we instruct patients to shake bottle vigorously before use.

Oral suspensions – Oral suspension is a medication of one or several active ingredients in an appropriate liquid vehicle. As the name suggests, these active ingredients remain in a state of suspension or in the form of a solution. In some suspensions manufactured by us, a sediment formation also takes place. Before administration, the container must be shaken well such that the entire syrup appears uniform. This uniform appearance is maintained for a reasonable time span. In case of contamination, sediments do not mix easily or a change in color of the entire liquid is observed. Suspensions are sold in glass or pet bottles. An instruction to shake the bottle well before consumption is labeled.

Oral drops – These are generally meant for infants and babies. These are syrups that are required to be administered in drops by dropper or a measuring device. Drop is a general term and could be suspensions, emulsions or syrups. Drops should be absolutely clear in appearance without any evidence of external substance or particle. Formation of precipitates or sediments that do not dissolve easily is an indication of contamination. We provide graduated droppers with these formulations so that administration becomes easy and uniform. Drops are packed in small bottles measuring up to about 50ml.

Powders – Some liquid medicinal products are sold in the form of powders packed in bottles. Patients need to add clean drinking water up to a definite mark to get a solution fit for consumption. The powder should dissolve completely after shaking with water filled in.

As oral syrups manufacturer India of highest standards, we adhere to strict quality control methods.

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